Abita Springs for Wonder South

Last weekend I held a photography walk with Will DeGravelles, land steward for The Nature Conservancy, at the Abita Flatlands Preserve in Abita Springs.  

In this walk we concentrated on photographing the intricacies of the habitat, textures and colors of early fall while using creative shooting techniques. Will was a top notch guide on this creative journey, as he truly is a tome of information on Louisiana ecosystems, plants, and trees. 

I have always felt that photographing nature and wildlife over the years has helped me maintain a strong relationship with and a sense of deep respect for flora and fauna I live with on this planet. It is a bond that only becomes deeper the more I photograph and even deeper still when I am teaching this craft to others.  Photographing nature compels me to learn more about the things I am photographing; I want to understand  and know everything I can about them. As far as photography goes I do feel learning about the things you choose to focus on is just as important as knowing your camera inside and out.  

These workshop walks are designed to help you learn more about the animal behaviors, habitats, changing seasons, plant life, and conservation efforts of these diverse and aesthetically rich areas while challenging your creative eye. Just remember, the more you develop an intimate knowledge of your subject the more your images will say and the better they will ultimately be. 

Check out some of the photos below that I took to document the walk.   The day was a lovely learning experience that ended with a lunch  and short walk in downtown Abita Springs.  I was so happy with the photos my students took home and I know they were too. As I always say, a day spent with my students is always the best kind of day.  :)

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 *A percentage of the proceeds from these workshops will benefit Louisiana Coastal Restoration by way of Wonder South