Too Cliché?

The older I get the quicker the years seem to go by.   Is 2016 really over?  It feels like it was just a couple months ago that I watched a marathon of The X Files curled up on my couch with my pup and kitties on New Year's eve.  I didn't make any resolutions; I rarely do.  But I always make a little promise to myself to do better, be kinder, and work harder, as I am sure we all do.  

This year was a rather pivotal one for me, but not in a big or loud kind of way.  It was pivotal based on one small experience connecting to another..and then another..and so on, until I was left to stand there with eyes wide open.  

This year was full of so many challenges, both personal and professional.  I loved, trusted, lost, nurtured, neglected, obsessed, gave, took, and learned quite a lot.  I realize I have a lot more learning to do.  If I were to sum up what I learned the most, through everything, it is the fact that what you feed grows and what you neglect dies.  That applies to relationships, business, craft, body, mind, spirit, and yes....even plants. 

I traveled to Africa, Belize, England and to the east and west coasts of the USA.   I met many lovely people, taught photography and led workshops to over 200 students, and I worked a lot. I am forever grateful that this is my life and that the people I teach choose me to be the one.  I am lucky, so very lucky.

In 2016 I didn't spend enough time with my family and it gnaws at me, I'll admit. This is something I always seem to be trying to get right, the balance of work and family. 

And where to from here?  I really don't know.  Part of me is kind of content in that, to be honest.  The future is bright.  I'll continue to do better, be kinder, and work harder, and for 2017  I'll add to that: CONSUME LESS and GET RID OF THE STUFF.  And by stuff, yes I mostly mean the inanimate objects that clutter, but I also mean the ideas, people, habits, etc. that do not contribute to my becoming the best expression of myself.

Surround yourself with the people you love and those who love you, do the work that ignites your soul and makes you want to never sleep, visit the places you dream of seeing, help those who need it, be kind, be grateful, be of service to others.

And above all else...don't make excuses for not doing any of those things.  I'm sure people tire of hearing me say it, but seriously-just do it

We have one life, people.  Make it count.