The Canid Project: educating through photography, narrative, and community outreach

The Canid Project is a creative educational endeavor that began as a photo-documentary project. Launched in December of 2016 by photographer Amy Shutt, this project's aim, as a global creative conversation, is to document and share the stories of humans and the wild canids who enter each other's lives in some capacity.  We actively present this information through our photography, creative non-fiction narrative, exhibits, talks, and community outreach to inspire and educate the public, as well as shed light on how these relationships shape our views on the wild canid species. This project currently includes work in the United States,  England, Africa, and with views beyond.  

As branching features, The Canid Project provides state-wide Louisiana licensed and permitted community services in the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured foxes and coyotes, consultations on humane and ethical deterrence methods,  and/or the removal of unwanted urban gray fox, red fox, and coyote (permits currently pending approval).  


As of April 24, 2016 we are taking donations to help fund the enclosure must have erected for the fox rehabilitation permit to be granted.  We would like the enclosure finished by mid-May, 2017.  Would you like to donate? You may donate at the button below or buy a fine art print HERE, the proceeds go directly to funding this project. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 

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The Canid Project's 501(c)3 nonprofit status is currently pending approval. 


Interested to tell your experience as part of this project?  Please see our first project bases, our hometowns, below.  

We are looking to hear stories from people in the US and England currently.  Have you worked with canids in some capacity or just have an interesting experience you'd like to share? Please contact us below.  









Amy Shutt has nearly 20 years of formal photography experience.  She currently specializes in nature and wildlife photography with a recent  focus in photo-documentary projects. A published photographer, Amy also teaches various photography classes and workshops throughout the United States and beyond. Her interest in documenting the human and animal relationship has brought her into contact with people of all backgrounds and from different parts of the world. She hopes to shed light on the vast array of these relationships and how they shape who we are and our world view on animals through her photo-documentary projects.


David is a wildlife photographer from New Zealand living in London. Some of his favorite places are Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana, India, and Richmond Park which is just a few miles from his home in London.  David is known for his fine art approach to wildlife photography.  When looking at David's work it’s not only the exquisite hues, tones, and composition of the animals he photographs, but the eyes that draw you in so much it’s hard to look away.  Lloyd has a special talent for capturing the second that reveals these animals’ hearts, souls, and personalities. He is a master at documenting the unwavering spirit of Africa's fauna.



Tin Man Lee is a celebrated wildlife photographer producing work that is easily recognizable.  Tin Man has an amazing talent for capturing special moments of wild animals as they interact with one another and with their natural environments.  His persistence is admirable and  his vision is refreshing and unique.  Wildlife photography rekindled the deep love of wild animals and nature he felt as a child. Through this art form, he found an outlet to express his feelings and reveal his dreams. He hopes that through his wildlife photography  he can stir the viewer's emotions to bring awareness to the animals he photographs, and in turn help to save the precious wilderness that remains on earth.


Liz Hunt is a UK photographer who has always held a keen interest in the natural world and wildlife.  This led to her taking up photography to expand on her passions. Liz enjoys photographing the wildlife of Africa and the local wildlife found in the UK.  She has followed a local family of foxes for over two years now and sees The Canid Project as a great way to share their story, and learn about others.  Keep an eye out for her beautiful contributing photographs of African canids and UK foxes coming soon to The Canid Project.


Julie Amador is a photographer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She actively volunteers with local animal rescue groups and uses her photography to help the animals find homes. Julie is drawn photographically to nature and animals as her main focus.  Over the past four years she has gone on to intensively study photography, with Amy Shutt as her mentor. Julie contributes to The Canid Project as not only a contributing photographer, but she is also the exclusive documentary photographer focusing on the Louisiana team's efforts, working side by side with Amy in the field.  She also helps to organize interviews and contacts, and is a key on-ground researcher and collaborator.

ADVISORS AND consultants


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Dr. Remsen is the McIlhenny Distinguished Professor at Louisiana State University. His expertise is in Ecology, Systematics, and Evolutionary Biology.  He received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of California at Berkeley. In 2013, Van Remsen received the Brewster Medal of the American Ornithologists' Union for his contributions to the study of the South American avifauna. He has received awards from LSU for excellence in both undergraduate teaching and graduate student advising. In 2016, Remsen was one of the co-authors of the richly illustrated Field Guide to the Birds of Bolivia.  


Leslie Lattimore is the founder, director, and chief rehabilitator of Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Louisiana.  With over 20 years of experience in the field, Leslie has a long record of success in her professional life.  Also, as an active educator of both wildlife rehabilitation and native wildlife, Leslie provides training and classes for future rehabilitators,  as well as educational programs state-wide on native wildlife for school groups, nature events, and garden and nature clubs. On a national level, she is on the board of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. Leslie is also the only professionally-trained bat rehabilitator in the state of Louisiana.


Sandra Reddy is the current Director of The Fox Project, a world renowned registered charity in England.  Her respect and love for animals began in her childhood with her first pet cat, Billy. He furnished her with a fascination for animals which extended into her working life. In her adult life she worked with Animal Aid as part of a team campaigning against animal cruelty and promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle, and now, for over a decade  she has been working with The Fox Project. With a dynamic team of staff and volunteers The Fox Project rescues and attends to the needs of fox casualties, and provides community information services on all things urban fox.  The Fox Project rehabilitates 200 to 250 orphaned red fox cubs and rescues and releases on average 700 total red foxes a year.