Canid Project CoNTRIBUTORS



Amy Shutt

Amy Shutt has nearly 20 years of formal photography experience.  She currently specializes in nature and wildlife photography with a recent  focus in photo-documentary projects. A published photographer, Amy also teaches various photography classes and workshops throughout the United States and beyond. Her interest in documenting the human and animal relationship has brought her into contact with people of all backgrounds and from different parts of the world. She hopes to shed light on the vast array of these relationships and how they shape who were are and our world view on animals through her photo-documentary projects.



David is a wildlife photographer from New Zealand living in London. Some of his favorite places are Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana, India, and Richmond Park which is just a few miles from his home in London.  David is known for his fine art approach to wildlife photography.  When looking at David's work it’s not only the exquisite hues, tones, and composition of the animals he photographs, but the eyes that draw you in so much it’s hard to look away.  Lloyd is a master of capturing the second that reveals these animals’ hearts, souls, and personalities. He is a master at documenting the unwavering spirit of Africa's fauna.