2-Day Basic Photo Class Baton Rouge


2-Day Basic Photo Class Baton Rouge


Upcoming Sessions:  

  • May 18 + 19, 2019

Classes meet at 11:00 am to 3:30pm. This 2-day class is designed for out-of-towners or those who are unable to make the 4-week night meetings of the regular  Basic Photo Class.  

This class is taught in  the same amount of hours as the regular Basic Class, except the 8 hours are all in 2 days! There is an hour lunch break both days.

This class meets at Amy's Studio:  

7809 Jefferson Hwy, Suite G, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

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More about this class:

This 8 hour class focuses on the basics of the DSLR camera and photography. It is aimed primarily towards people new to digital photography and/or wanting to learn more about DSLRs, on-location shooting, working with available light, There is a brief intro to post processing with Lightroom and digital workflow.

Subjects covered:

  • ISO, Aperture. Shutter Speed and how they work together

  • Aperture Priority and Manual Modes

  • Basics of light

  • Composition

  • Shooting portraits, landscapes, and more

  • Focal length and lenses

  • Photography gear

  • Intro to LR and digital workflow

The class is a mixture of lecture, critique, and hands-on shooting. 

This is a small student to teacher ratio class with a lot of personal attention for the students, which Amy finds is the best way to learn the basics of photography.

*As an added bonus: All students will be invited to join a private Facebook Group for continued support and growth.


 Lightroom Classic CC will be used in class.  While Amy does use it to review images and will give a brief introduction, you are not required to have it for this class. 

Please note: I do have a small rescue Pomeranian dog that does often accompany me to classes in my classroom. PLEASE let me know if you have a dog allergy or phobia before we meet. Thanks!

Class and Workshop Conditions and Terms:

This agreement is between Instructor Amy Shutt and Student. 

1. The Student is responsible for providing all of the equipment necessary to complete the workshop  unless agreed upon otherwise.  

2. The Student understands that all documents that are given to him/her are copyrighted property of the Instructor and shall not be copied, distributed, or sold. 

3. The Student shall not compete as a photography mentor, instructor, or leader in an on-line and in-person capacity.

4. Schedule is subject to change by Instructor due to circumstances including, but not limited to, weather and  illness.

5.  The Instructor shall be held harmless for any and all injury to the Student and the Student's equipment during the course of the classes, workshops, field trips, or tours.

Class Cancellation Policy:

  • 3 weeks prior to event: 100% refund

  • After 3 weeks prior to event: no refund

Amy retains the right to cancel any class should the class not fill to the minimum requirement of attendees.