BW Film Workshop Dec 9 + 12


BW Film Workshop Dec 9 + 12

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Join us for a unique experience in our Film Camera Workshop! 

This multi-day workshop meeting dates and times:

  • Sunday December 9th - 10 am to approx. 5pm

  • Wednesday December 12th 6:30pm

Price: $250  

You may pay in full or you may pay a deposit of $100 and the balance of $150 by December 1, 2017. Please note: If you do not pay your balance you forfeit your deposit. 


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For this 1 .5 long day class the following will be provided during the workshop:

  • Lecture series "Light, Shadow, Composition, and the Benefits of Shooting BW Film"
  • Manual SLR film camera with 50mm or 35mm (for use during workshop, not to take home or keep)
  • 2 rolls of black and white film
  • All accessories and chemicals needed to develop our rolls of film
  • Instruction on developing the film
  • Scanning of your developed film rolls
  • High Res digital files of your scanned images

In this workshop you will learn how to shoot a manual SLR camera with black and white film.  Participants MUST know how to properly use a light meter in a digital camera and shoot in manual mode. 

We will cover how to: 

  • Shoot using Light, Shadow, and Composition as it relates to BW Film
  • Properly load film
  • Use a manual analog camera
  • Expose for film shooting
  • Develop film 
  • Set up your own darkroom

Class and Workshop Conditions and Terms:

This agreement is between Instructor Amy Shutt and Student. 

1. The Student is responsible for providing all of the equipment necessary to complete the workshop  unless agreed upon otherwise.  

2. The Student understands that all documents that are given to him/her are copyrighted property of the Instructor and shall not be copied, distributed, or sold. 

3. The Student shall not compete as a photography mentor, instructor, or leader in an on-line and in-person capacity.

4. Schedule is subject to change by Instructor due to circumstances including, but not limited it, weather and  illness.

5.  The Instructor shall be held harmless for any and all injury to the Student and the Student's equipment during the course of the classes, workshops, field trips, or tours.

Class Cancellation Policy:

  • 3 weeks prior to event: 100% refund
  • After 3 weeks prior to event: no refund

*If you miss a class there is an option for a make up class with Amy. The cost of a 1 hour make up class is $65*

Amy retains the right to cancel any class should the class not fill to the minimum requirement of attendees.