Louisiana Bobcat RefuGe PROJECT

When I heard of The Louisiana Bobcat Refuge early in 2016, I was immediately curious and eager to meet the woman behind it all. The Louisiana Bobcat Refuge is a 501c3 non-profit and is the only species-specific bobcat and lynx rehabilitation & research center in the USA.  Central to its mission is a surrogate program called AKP, which was developed by Pamela Kay Connery, the founder of LBR and an expert on bobcat and Canada lynx behavior. Pamela also works hard on conservation education, nationally and internationally concerning felids native to the USA.  

I finally got up the courage to contact Pamela this summer in hopes she'd be interested in a collaborative photo-documentary effort.  I wanted to learn more about her abandoned kitten surrogacy program, and I wanted to see it for myself, especially after hearing it takes 1 year to prepare a kitten for reintroduction into the wild.  A whole year! Lucky for me she was interested, and I soon found myself sitting in her SUV on a 3-hour trip to pick up an abandoned kitten that had been brought to Dr. Gia Morgan at WERLA in Shreveport. 

The articles below are the result of a collaborative on-going photo-documentary effort to document the work of this organization and its founder Pamela Kay Connery. Please check back often for updates.  Donations for Louisiana Bobcat Refuge are always welcome and extremely appreciated. Please see the donation button at the bottom of the page. 

Louisiana Bobcat Refuge Project Articles 

Article 1: A New Bond

Pamela is the warm and personable sort of person who you feel you've known for years within the first few minutes of meeting her.  She's also super smart and has an impressive background.  Pamela graduated with honors from Louisiana College with a Master Degree in Teaching..

Article 2: The Flood

Coming Soon

Article 3: Growing Up

Coming Soom

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