Northern Gannet Colony Photo Tour


Current Tour Dates: 

  • July 7-9, 2019

Join professional photographers Amy Shutt and Brittany Crossman for a 3 day photography workshop photographing the Northern Gannet colony of Quebec, Canada in July 2019! 

These beautiful seabirds nest along the cliff in the thousands. You’ll be able to closely observe and photograph courting, the gathering of nesting material, territorial and mating interactions. There will also be birds already on the nests and freshly hatched chicks. Off the shoreline you’ll be able to watch these birds hunt, diving from mid-air at speeds up to 60 mph to catch fish below the surface of the water.

In North America, Northern Gannets are restricted to just 6 well-established colonies: 3 in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Québec, and 3 in the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland.

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Working Itinerary:

You will receive a detailed itinerary which includes airport, car rental and lodging information once your deposit has been paid.

Please feel free to email with any questions:

For the 3 day tour our small group of participants will meet each morning to take a short 10 minute ferry ride to the island. Once there, we will take the easy 30-45 mins hike to where the birds are nesting.  

We will shoot from 9 am to 3 pm for 3 full days.  While there is a canteen on the island, it is recommended you bring water and food along each day. 

The tour begins at 8:15am on July 7, 2019 so make sure you arrive in Gaspe, Canada on the 6th, at the latest!

Amy and Brittany will be on hand at all times to help you with your shots, be it technical issues, composition, or creative techniques.  For three days you will have two professional photographers with 25+ years experience between the two of them to help you in all aspects of your photography, including portfolio reviews. Lightroom demos will be available on request.

The 3 days will allow you to really exercise your creative eye and get a wide array of shots: action, birds in flight, abstract, close-up, wide angle, animal interactions, and visual storytelling compositions. 


If you do not own any of the equipment below you can rent from several rental facilities.  Amy uses and recommends Lens Pro To Go, for which we have a discount code. Email Amy for the discount code or if you are unsure if your gear will work for this tour: and she''ll let you know! :)

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera

  • Long lens (something that extends to at least 300 to 600mm)

  • A shorter long lens, like a 70-200mm

  • A wide angle lens for more environmental shots

  • Tripod

  • Travel insurance

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather

  • Warm clothing for early mornings and late afternoons.

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  • Price: $1400 USD

  • Non-refundable deposit of $500 USD


  • All photography instruction by 2 professional photographers

  • Ferry rides

  • Park fees


  • Flights to and from Canada

  • Car transportation to hotel in Quebec

  • Lodging

  • Travel insurance

  • Food or drinks

Once your deposit is paid you will receive a full itinerary with detailed information about the tour and options for transportation and lodging. 


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Amy Shutt specializes in nature and wildlife photography with a recent focus in photo-documentary projects. A formally trained and published photographer, Amy also teaches various photography classes and workshops throughout the United States and in Africa. Her interest in foxes and coyotes, background in wildlife rehabilitation, and curiosity about the human and wild animal relationships in our world, brought her to start The Canid Project. She hopes to preserve, educate, and inspire through this endeavor.



Brittany is a 27 year old wildlife photographer based out of New Brunswick, Canada. The love for wildlife started at an early age, and remaining consistent throughout the years leading her to study photography at Mount Allison University. Over the years, she has photographed many different species, but the Red Fox holds a special place in her heart. Brittany’s work has been published by Canadian Geographic, The Canadian Wildlife FederationCanadian Wildlife Magazine and online at National Geographic. Brittany also donates her prints to wildlife rehabilitation centers such as Hope for Wildlife and The Atlantic Wildlife Institute for fundraising for wildlife in their care. Brittany’s goal is to capture intimate moments that tell stories that inspire people to protect this precious fauna.