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This black and white fine art print features an early morning scene of a young male lion just waking from a nap. He is part of a new coalition of four brothers in the Maasai Mara, Africa; they are known as 'The Nomads'. Circa 2017

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The proceeds of this print will go directly towards a fox enclosure for The Canid Project's wildlife rehabilitation of foxes program.  We would like to have the enclosure built and ready to go by mid-May 2017, as it is the last thing we need inspected before our rehabilitation permit can be granted. We appreciate your help in making this a reality! 

The Canid Project is a creative educational endeavor started by Amy Shutt in December of 2016. It also has branching features that will provide state-wide Louisiana licensed and permitted community services in the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured foxes, consultations on humane and ethical deterrence methods,  and/or the removal of unwanted urban gray fox, red fox, and (permits currently pending approval).  

The Canid Project's 501(c)3 nonprofit status is currently pending approval.

 To find out more please visit: The Canid Project and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Available in 13 x 19, 17 x 22, or 20 x 30 paper size. These archival giclee prints are sold unframed. 13x19 and 17x22 inch are printed on an archival baryta paper that has the look and feel of old dark room produced fiber prints and is equally stunning with color and black and white.  20x30 inch are printed on an archival fine art cotton rag paper, one of today's most highly praised print papers. 

All images have a white border and are signed, as shown here.

Please note that prints take 2 weeks to ship. Should you need a rush job, please let Amy know.